Album versions rant

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Album versions rant

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Any soundtrack or score collector knows how irritating it is when the music on the album sounds completely different to the way it sounded in the film or show itself.

First up is X Squad from the Mortal Kombat Annihilation soundtrack. Listen specifically to the piece between 0:45-1:28:

The music isn't bad, but this album version sounds cheap and inferior compared to the movie version. 1:10-1:34 is how it sounded in the movie:

Next up is Marked for Death. This music is supposed to be the weapons montage music:

Again, this piece is alright but how can you honestly sit there and name this track "Weapons Montage" when it neither plays during that scene nor actually sounds like music that would be appropriate for such a scene?

THIS is the actual weapons montage music heard in the movie:

For years only three pieces of music from Vince Dicola's incredible Rocky IV score were available to the public. Two of these were included on the album of the film. The album version of War starts well enough, but it just sounds so radically different to the movie version when we get to the fight segment that it begins to sound a bit off. In fact, the right word is inferior. Listen from 1:24 for a bit:

Then listen to how it actually sounded in the film at 4:11:

I purchase soundtracks because I like how the themes sounded in the movie. Don't give me some fake version that doesn't sound similar in the slightest.
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