What are you reading?

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Re: What are you reading?

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Re: What are you reading?

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I'm currently half way through my next book. Judge Dredd -Kingdom of the Blind by David Bishop.

This is a far superior book in almost every regard to Cartmels stinker. It is a pure joy to read instead of a tiresome chore.

The characterisation is spot on and engaging, with clear character motivations and a good knowledgeable of usage of previous Dredd-lore in a way which doesn't alienate the casual reader. The humour is pitch-perfect and VERY funny and observant in it's ironic satire. The mix between humour and action is balanced well and the progress of the plot structured and logical instead of random and on the fly like Cartmels crock of shite was.

It's an intense page turner too, hence why I'm already halfway through the thing and will probably have completed it by tomorrow.

The narrative never patronises or condescends its audience or treats them like contemptuous morons like the previous drivel I just read.

The dialogue is believable and direct and the adult themes completely plausible.

I'm yet to finish this book but it's already looking at an 8 or 9 out of 10 score compared to Andrew Cartmels turgid lazy turd of a book, it is like comparing an established and well regarded University Don or Professor to a spotty, greasy lank haired, inept, clumsy undergraduate picking their nose whilst farting and flunking their exams all the way to the dole queue.

Once I've got this book out of the way, I have an ABC Warriors book to get through, which should prove interesting as Mike West has written it instead of Pat Mills and I'm intrigued as to see how he fares up to that challenge and then, I'm sure everyone will be pleased to know I have ANOTHER Cartmel on my "to-read" list to get through. It's a Strontium Dog one this time, and I only hope to dear God that Andrew Cartmel has at least bothered to extend his digits to typewriter and draft the fucking thing properly for this next one, as I'm not sure I can quite handle another tiresome chore like his excretable Dredd book.
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Re: What are you reading?

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I read a bunch of movie novelizations when I taking a break from the internet. They're all from 1987:

Jaws The Revenge
Beverly Hills Cop II
The Secret of My Success

Looking forward to starting the novelization for Over The Top later this week.

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