The Daleks appeared in Doctor Who’s second story

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The Daleks appeared in Doctor Who’s second story

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This has always been a source of amazement to me. While not unheard of in more planned out works like say a novel, in serialised such a thing is very uncommon.

Fore examples.

Sherlock Holmes first appeared in 1987, the man who would be most thought of as his Archie enemy, Professor Moriarty, would not appear until 1893, and only that once in person throughout all the books.

Superman 1938, Lex Luthor 1940

Batman 1939, The Joker 1940

Spider-Man 1962, Green Goblin 1964

Wonder Women 1942, Cheeta 1943

The Hulk 1962, The Leader 1964

That’s not to say Who is unique, for example the X-Men battled Magnito in their very first issue, but again this dose not seem to be a common thing. Who’s second long running antagonist, The Cybermen, follow the more conventionally pattern of appearing several years after the hero’s first story.

It just goes to show just what an awesome villain the Daleks are.
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