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Re: NuWho’s Magic Wand... I mean Sonic Screwdriver

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:41 am
by Burunman
The Sevenfold Man wrote:
Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:50 am
Pepsi Maxil wrote:
Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:30 pm
NuWho's sonic is essentially a get out jail free card. NuWho's version of the character has no brains to use to get out of a tight spot hence the overuse of the screwdriver to fix the issue. Lazy writing if you ask me.
Like it's Doctor, NuWho is to scared to change it's formula. They won't let the character change or grow, to be something other the Tennent, and they won't drop the formula that Fathead started. Short, stupide stories with a tacked on arc that is resolved in a short and stupide way with no actually affect on the story onwards is just a lethal to Doctor Who as the three pricks whove been in charge of it all this time.
That's the greatest irony about the DW is all about change bollocks. I have never seen a more stale, formulaic series than New Who.

It never changes in the way a show is supposed to, not just DW, IE new villains, new types of stories, new types of characters, developing the lead. Those were the ways True Who changed over the decades, and similarly having just watched Angel, a show that lasted for a mere 5 seasons, it changes dramatically in all of those respects too. It starts out monster of the week mixed with the detective genre, then becomes a Prisoner style series with Wolfram and Hart being the evil establishment trying to break him, then becomes a bit of a soap, then has the main character have to run an evil business. Supporting characters meanwhile are totally different people by the end. Wesley goes from a bumbling oaf to Clint Eastwood, Gunn goes from a street tough to a lawyer, Cordelia a selfish alpha bitch to a higher power, even Spike in his one season gets taken down a peg or two and becomes more noble.

New Who in comparison is peddling the same shit, with the same villains for over 10 years.

Every season bar seasons 6, 7, and 11 have featured either the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Master, or some combination of them as the main villains, or at least the most prominent villains. (The big bad formula only works if you use different villains, Russell. Buffy didn't just have either the Master, Spike and Dru or some combination of those three as the main villains every year.)

All of the companions are from 21st century earth and all have the same fucking story arc in one way or another. There is something odd about them, that in the finale is revealed to be because they gain super powers and use them to destroy an old enemy of the Doctor or somehow save the universe. (Rose, Donna, Amy, Clara.) They want to escape a boring home life. (Rose, Donna, Amy, Clara.) They have a romantic attraction to the Doctor. (Rose, Martha, Amy, Clara, Yaz.) They have a sympathetic father figure, and an unsympathetic mother who nevertheless develops an understanding with the Doctor. (Rose, Martha, Donna.) They have a wimpy, bumbling boyfriend who feels insecure next to the Doctor, but proves himself a hero in the end. (Mickey, Rory, Danny.)

The story arcs are often about a psycho monster trying to rebuild his race and fallen empire. (The Parting of the Ways, Doomsday, The Last of the Time Lords, Journey's End, The End of Time.) The Doctor hearing a prophecy that he is going to die. (The specials, series 5, as he knows the TARDIS will explode, series 6, series 7 with Trenzalore.) They will often involve an invasion of contemporary earth, and recently they've started to focus too much on the Doctors past in some stupid way, like the Hybrid story arc and the Timeless Children, both needless rewrites of the Doctors past only a few seasons apart.

Finally there is the shameless way they've recycled the last of the time lords story arc. After now 15 years, Chibbers has literally decided "lets just go back to that old story arc from 2005. Apparently that's the only way we can give the character any kind of gravitas."

Maybe if these hacks actually thought about coming up with new villains, new types of companions, story arcs the show wouldn't be dying on its arse. Instead they are focused on the wrong kind of change, IE "lets completely rewrite a now almost 60 year old characters motivations and gender because that will keep it fresh and not just destroy the foundations of the character, whilst ironically peddling the same old trite story for them to be involved in."