Early Nuwho feels so dated now

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Early Nuwho feels so dated now

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Was watching a review of season 1 and realised just how dated it seem. While Classic Who did have plots that were based around topical subjects at the time, it was as far as Ive seen always done in a way was timeless and relevant even today.

The biggest offender in season 1 is stuff like satellite 5’s big brother and weakest link. To long dead shows that have been replaced 3 times over by 2020. Fad programs that everyone has almost completely forgotten. I bet the BBC Execs were salivating at those moments and Fathead was likely patting himself on the back, even till today. Hell the type of broadcasting satallite 5 is based around is in question these days what with streaming services and the internet.

Another example is season 2 Olympic Games reference, not only is it a terrible episode but as someone witnessed just how underwhelming the UK Olympics actually was this episode just seems like sad propaganda.
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Re: Early Nuwho feels so dated now

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"And she worships something called the Holy Oak...no, Hollyoaks"

Was that the only thing that ever dated SJA? (and yes, I know it's still on, but that was when it was at it's peak with kids)
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